Dive Spots
Ocean Spirit
First Geocache in the Indian Ocean

All dives are performed with "local guides", who are licensed guides.

Diving courses are conventionally held in 2 languages (English and French). With a laptop or tablet, you can also purchase your license in other languages with our official online Padi courses.

Visit our OceanDivers Garden, immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere, let yourself be guided by the warm nature and the skill of our OceanDivers.

You arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend.

Dive  Spots

Flic en Flac offers its diving guests more than 25 different dive spots.

The most popular spot is the Cathedral, which is very popular with divers from around the world. This spot is a "five star dive" and also noted in Google Earth.

At a depth of 28 meters, the diver is presented with an unforgettable experience, the immersion in a stunning grotto!

Other highlights include the "Snake Reef," where you can observe lionfish, stonefish, scorpion fish and manta rays in 25m of water. 2 wrecks at depths of 36 and 18 meters should be part of your program as well as the "Cannon Reef" with the Lempard cannon from the 17th century.

Diving beginners start out at the aquarium at a depth of 12-18 meters. They are also awaited by the first

GeoCache in the Indian Ocean,the "Guardian of the cannon".

Cannon Reef