Shiva in Grand Bassin

The official language is English, the colloquial language is French. The Mauritians also have their own language, Creole, which is similar to French.

Far away from the typically crowded tourist resorts, there is a spot that is still untouched and undetected by commercial vacation hypes. Flic en Flac a small romantic place on the west coast next to the Sea, perfect for a relaxing vacation in paradise.

Close to the beach, parallel to a strip of the shady casuarina trees, runs the Royal Road with restaurants that offer Italian, Indian, Chinese and Creole cuisine and small snack bars where you can strenghten yourself after a long day of sunbathing.


Mauritius is a small island, just about 68km (42 mi.) long and 45km (28 mi.) wide.

Any attraction can be explored during a daytrip.

Wether it is one of the waterfalls, a mountain hike, a big city experience, a particular church or another beach that strikes your interest - in the evening you can get back home to sleep in your very own bed.

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Flic en Flac seems far away from world events, separated from stress and is a small oasis where people from different nations, religions and cultures live together peacefully.

Mauritius is independent, has about 1.4 million inhabitants and

an independent democratic government.

White beaches
Rock formations
Bustling city