Are there any dangerous insects?

Nothing unusual; Mauritius has no poisonous snakes, no worms that burrow into the skin, no malaria-carrying mosquitoes or the like. There are ants, spiders and mosquitoes like in Europe.

The supermarkets and pharmacies are well stocked and have a wide range of repellents.

Is nudism allowed?


What vaccinations do I need?

No vaccinations are required.

Do I need a visa?

No, but you will need a passport that is at least 6 months valid, since that is the amount of time that you can spend in Mauritius. Since laws can change, you are best off contacting the embassy if you have any specific questions.

What about food and drinks?

There is a huge array of tropical and European fruit.

Mauritius is, of course, rich on fish: tuna, red snapper, squid, lobster and all kinds of seafood are provided by the Indian Ocean. You do not have to do without meat - the international supply is working well. You can get products from Europe, Australia, Africa and the whole variety of different spices from India.

You should boil tap water before drinking it, if you are so inclined - there is a wide selection of soft drinks. Mauritius is known as green island. The omnipresent cane fields provide excellent and cheap rum products. For beer drinkers the Phoenix brewery provides local varieties, which taste great and are refreshing.

Should I exchange money?

No, exchange rates are generally better in Mauritius. And for the first tip for the taxi driver a few Euro are sufficient. You can exchange at the airport in Mauritius, or get money from ATMs, ATM card or Visa.

What do I need for the beach?

Sunscreen with SPF 50 (we do not kid).

Snorkel, fins and slippers for the ocean since the corals can scratch quite a bit.

Finally, a few tips:

• Weigh your suitcase. Only 20kgs are allowed, each kg of excess baggage will reduce the holiday budget. (check with your airline for more information)

• No need to bring a sweatshirt. No matter at which time of the year you travel - it´s always summer in Mauritius.

• Shop at the duty free shop at the airport upon arrival in Mauritiuswhile you wait for your luggage.

• Note for smokers: the import of cigarette paper is prohibited. Really!

• 220V power supply with sockets like in the UK - you can buy adapters at the supermarket in Mauritius for about 40 rupees (1€). The markets are open on Sundays, but only until noon.

• Internet connections in Internet cafés are available, the connection is very good.

• You can call from Mauritius very cheap if you buy a SIM card locally.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.